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Compassionate Cancer Care and

Holistic Healing Expertise

Your Partner on the Path to Healing  

Combining 32 years of experience in oncology and integrative medicine to provide personalized support on your healing path.

Easing Symptoms, Enhancing Healing

Vicki Landes is dedicated to holistic healing, focusing on restoring emotional balance by addressing issues such as anxiety, depression, grief and loss, and the deleterious effects of stress. She also provides comprehensive support for individuals facing cancer-related challenges, all within a holistic framework.


With a career spanning over 32 years in the realm of health and human services, Vicki brings a wealth of experience gained across diverse settings, including hospitals, hospices, and integrative medical clinics. Her unique background as a medical social worker and hands-on healer allows her to integrate skills and insights from both domains into her practice.

For 11 years, Vicki served as the Breast Care Coordinator for Kaiser Permanente, where she provided invaluable support to breast cancer survivors and their loved ones throughout their journey, from diagnosis through treatment and survivorship. Her expertise in oncology led to an achievement in 2021 when she was invited to write and publish a compassionate and supportive guide for caregivers tending to loved ones with cancer. This book, titled The Caregiver’s Guide to Cancer, is a culmination of Vicki's extensive experience in the field, where she has served as a counselor, care coordinator, advocate, and resource expert.

Today, Vicki operates a private practice, offering both in-person and virtual sessions via Zoom to accommodate the diverse needs of her clients. While she extends her assistance to individuals facing a wide range of challenges, her primary specialty lies in the realm of cancer care. Vicki tailors her services to meet the unique requirements of each client, offering a versatile menu of services that include counseling, health navigation, stress and anxiety management, and hands-on healing practices such as Jin Shin Jyutsu and Reiki.  Beyond her individualized sessions, Vicki also hosts transformative cancer recovery retreats in the picturesque Austrian Alps, a place she now calls home.



Vicki is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with extensive counseling experience. Her areas of expertise include acute and chronic illness, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, and stress management.  Vicki draws from a variety of modalities to empower her client with tools utilizing cognitive-behavioral methods, guided imagery/visualization, and energy healing.


Health Navigation starts with an in-depth comprehensive assessment to determine the optimal pathway(s) to care on all levels. This is for those dealing with moderate to highly complex health issues that require higher levels of support, counseling, advocacy, and education.


Jin Shin Jyutsu, translated as the “Art of the Creator through the person of compassion” is a gentle form of Japanese acupressure that seeks to restore balance to the body’s natural energy flow patterns. 


Self-care planning involves intentionally and thoughtfully designing a personalized strategy to prioritize and enhance your overall well-being. It encompasses a deliberate selection of activities and practices that nourish your physical, mental, and emotional health, fostering resilience and balance in your daily life.

My Approach

Through a thorough health assessment process, I assist my clients in viewing their health on all levels – physical, emotional, and spiritual. Together we determine the best plan to achieve all- encompassing healing, including referrals to other practitioners as needed. In this way, care is truly customized to the unique needs of each individual client. I believe strongly in empowering clients to learn self-care tools that they can incorporate into their daily lives. 

Support Your Caregiving Journey with Compassion and Self-Care

Discover valuable insights and guidance in this book as you navigate the complexities of caring for a loved one with cancer. Learn how to provide thoughtful and compassionate support while also prioritizing your own well-being. Explore essential information about cancer, caregiving, and advocacy, making this book a vital resource in your caregiving journey.


Alpine Refuge Cancer Recovery Retreat

Join Vicki on a transformative journey to the heart of the Austrian Alps, where she hosts an exclusive cancer recovery retreat. This retreat is meticulously crafted to facilitate healing on every level of your being. With our small group size limited to just 8-10 participants, you're guaranteed personalized attention in a nurturing and profoundly supportive environment. Transport yourself to this extraordinary world nestled amidst the picturesque Austrian Alps, and embark on a journey towards healing and renewal. 


"Vicki stands out as a practitioner because she can draw upon in depth experience in modern medical frameworks as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience in more holistic modalities. This combination brings a richness to Vicki’s work that benefits the people she works with in unique ways and on multiple levels. In particular her work with those experiencing breast cancer is profound.
She spent 11 years supporting women with breast cancer at Kaiser Permanente while in parallel offering hands-on energy healing, customized to the specific needs of the individual she is working with. I worked with Vicki through my journey with breast cancer and I will be forever grateful for the role she has played in my life. I have often wished that every woman facing breast cancer could have access to Vicki. Her experience, sophistication, intelligence, compassion and healing  abilities are a true treasure."

Kathy D


For inquiries and a complimentary phone session to determine if this work is congruent with your needs, please contact me.
Call: 415-717-7737
Office location:  Maurach Am Achensee, Austria

DISCLAIMER: The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a replacement for professional medical diagnosis, advice, or treatment.


Maurach Am Achensee, Austria


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